Sundial Self Storage Units

Sercure Mini Storage Units A Little South Of St. Paul, MN

Sundial Self Storage Units A Little South of St. Paul & Minneapolis MN


Sundial Self Storage Units

“Drive A Little – $ave A Lot”


Low Cost Secured Mini Storage Units

Whether you are looking for an affordable secured mini storage unit for a short term or a long term, you have come to the right place.

sundial mini storage units


You would really be surprised on how much you can save by driving a little ways out of the Minneapolis, MN or the St. Paul, MN area for your self storage unit needs. Those savings can add up very quickly. Take a look at our pricing and compare to other self storage units in the Twin Cities area.



Here is an example of the savings; The typical cost of a 10′ X 20′ self storage unit in the Minneapolis, St. Paul MN area is about $140.00/month. The cost of our 10′ X 20′ self storage unit is $90.00/month. That is a savings of $50.00/month which is also a savings of $600.00 per year!

The following is the monthly cost for our mini storage units:

5′ x 5′ $20.00

5′ x 10′ $45.00

10′ x 10′ $70.00

10′ x 15′ $80.00

10′ x 20′ $90.00

10′ x 25′ $100.00

10′ x 30′ $110.00

Outside Storage $30.00


In the video below there is some helpful information that will help prevent some of the common problems that people run into while using Self Storage units:



Our self storage units are not that far away from Minneapolis, or St. Paul, MN. We are about 30 minutes from downtown St. Paul, and about 10 minutes NE of Hastings, MN.

 Call us at (715) 262-3003 for current availability and start saving today!

The most popular use for a mini storage unit is for personal items that take up precious space in our homes. With a mini storage unit you’ll have an area to organize and keep those seldom used items. A storage unit is a great idea for seasonal things such as furniture, clothes, toys, lawn and snow removal equipment, cars, boats, motorcycles, and keepsakes.

Give your business or home business room to grow with a place to store inventory, archive files, office necessities, or use our self storage units as a low cost mini-warehouse. Our mini storage units are available in several sizes to perfectly fit your business needs, freeing up critical room in your home, office, or storage

We also have outdoor storage at Sundial Self Storage for larger items such as ATV`s, RV`s, larger boats, trailers, cars, and campers.

Moving can be a frustrating experience, but a mini storage makes the process easier with multiple sized units. Maybe you are downsizing, between homes or apartments, you’ll always have the exact amount of space you need. Use our self storage units as temporary storage.

Why Sundial Self Storage?

When we say “Drive a little & save alot” that is exactly what happens. Our overhead is lower here so we pass on the savings to you. So start saving today and give us a call!

Sundial Self Storage

900 Kasson Rd. Prescott, WI 54021

(715) 262-3003

We are just over the bridge on Hwy 10 north of Hastings, MN in Prescott, WI

Mini Storage Units – Call for availability

Storage Tips:

Here are some helpful hints that will save you time and frustration when using our self storage units.

One thing we notice is when people retrieve items from their self storage unit is - they open up the door and say "ok, where did I put that?" Or, unfortunately they realize they`ve improperly stackted their items from the start causing them to fall, break or be crushed!

Always try to mark your boxes with specific details of what`s inside. This will save you time and frustration should you need to retrieve something.

Remember to keep items you are likely to retrieve near the front of the self storage unit for easy access.

Organize your items by categories such as bedroom, kitchen, basement etc.

Pack breakable items securely to insure limited damage during storage.

Many customers use pallets or shelving in our mini storage units for their perishables, or simply for better organization of their belongings.